Hello, Helen here. 


As a tad on sunny afternoons on our cool front porch, I dreamtof high seas adventures, jungles and more. Not Art Direction.

But now that I stop to think about it, that might have been an excellent career path predictor. 
Now I look forward to joining in your adventure – to aid your business processes in successfully communicating your company’s value, products and quality.
I have been an independent contractor, aka freelancer, since 2000.  A track history that should evidence a trustworthy source for both businesses and agencies. The whole “remote work” phenomena is nothing new to me.
References can be provided to speak to the caliber of work, competency and communication you can expect from SODEi.
I work primarily within the Adobe Suite
with a bit of Premiere Pro
WordPress site construction using Elementor Pro
Constant Contact/Mail Chimp
Social Media content production and posting
Fairly comfortable with Microsoft 365, spreadsheets, database, Keynote/PowerPoint
Learning something new every day.


Get in touch

For now, thanks to the evil bots, you may contact me by leaving a voice message at 2five1-342-five449.

I actually would like to hear what you have to say.

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